Intermodal cargo transportation

Daugiamodalinių pervežimų paslaugos
Motor transport
Transferring at terminals

Railway freight

Intermodal freight is a type of cargo shipment to a specified location by various different modes of transport: ships, trucks, trains and planes. The fulfillment of intermodal freight is handled by an operative who selects the route and means of cargo shipment according to the circumstances.

Intermodal transportation is the best choice for medium- and long-distance shipments. This way, the shipment can be made to almost any place in the world – which is not the case if only one type of transport is used for the whole journey.
Advantages of intermodal freight

Less need for worry: you entrust the cargo to us and we deliver it to the ordered location by transferring it from one vehicle to another. Everything is handled by one operative who takes care of documentation and cargo insurance.

Faster and cheaper: when planning the route we take into account many factors, such as the type of cargo, the location to be delivered to, the degree of urgency, as well as the pros and cons of every vehicle type in order to organise the best combination.

Reliable – „Railana“ has considerable experience of organising intermodal freight and our company’s partners, both in Lithuania and abroad, are all reliable.

We quarantee:

  we will determine the price of the overall transportation in advance according to our optimal logistics scheme;
  freight will be transported as fast as possible;
  administration of necessary documents and licenses;
  loading and discharge and, if necessary, packing of the cargo;
  insurance of cargo for the whole delivery and individual sections of transportation;
  consultation regarding transport logistics and customs documentation;
  cargo transportation at harbours;
  we will prepare the containers for use or suggest optimal containers for purchase;
  provision of all other necessary services.

For transportation to be a smooth process it is necessary for all transportation partners to work together. We have gathered a lot of experience and found reliable partners for our business during a long period of time organising intermodal freight.

As a result of this, we can avoid additional expenditures and other problems that would be encountered by an inexperienced company.

„Railana“ – smooth and professional cargo freight transportation of the highest-quality!