Carriage rental services

Carriage renting is an economical solution that helps to solve most of the organisational problems associated with cargo freight.

The UAB „Railana“ (Ltd.) depot includes various types of carriages that can be used to transport different types of cargo. The company rents carriages not only for one-off use, but for longer periods of time as well depending on the needs of clients.

We treat every client individually and offer optimal solutions that best fit the clients’ requirements. We have been working for many years in the field of freight transportation, and because of this we can offer competitive prices and flexible rental terms.

The company specialists will select the most appropriate carriages and an optimal rental version after considering your needs, the characteristics of your cargo and the overall timespan for transportation.

The technical condition of the carriages available for rent is carefully examined and maintenance is regularly planned and carried out. Thus we can ensure that every carriage conforms to safety regulations and that the transportation using our carriages is safe and reliable.

If you need to rent carriages, you can contact „Railanos“ specialists, who will provide detailed information.
Carriage depot