Carriage maintenance

UAB „Railana“ (Ltd.) has gathered a lot of experience in the fields of company-owned carriage maintenance, exploitation and repair during its many years of company-owned carriage depot management. Today the company organises its own carriage depot maintenance as well as providing high quality repair organisation services for other companies that have company-owned depots. Routine, planned and capital maintenance is carried out at depots located in the Baltic countries. The employees of all the carriage maintenance depots are highly qualified specialists with testimonies of qualification, diplomas and certificates.

Due to its knowledge of the specifics of carriage maintenance organisation, UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) constantly gathers and renews spare part reserves for cargo carriages (side frames for carriage carts 18-100, spring girders for carriage carts 18-100, automatic clutches CA-3, wheelsets with rims of various different thicknesses). This allows us to accomplish planned maintenance to a high standard and quickly.

We provide cargo carriage maintenance and technical surveillance services:
  routine cargo carriage maintenance;
  planned cargo carriage maintenance;
  capital cargo carriage maintenance;
  carriage washing and drying services;
  tank-carriage hydraulics tests;
  carriage body paint jobs;
  provision of spare parts.
We supply spare parts for cargo carriages:
  used wheelsets with rims between 30 and 70 mm;
  spring girders for carriage carts 18-100 (various manufacture date);
  side frames for carriage carts 18-100 (various manufacture date).
UAB „Railana“ (Ltd.) has a harmonious, experienced and professional team. The company has owned the carriage depot for many years and thus its employees can accurately identify client needs and order specifications. Close attention to every client, the fulfillment of qualitative ordered assignments and a reserve of spare parts for carriages means that RAILANA’s success in this field is guaranteed.