Cargo transportation in company-owned carriages

Railana is an active and experienced railway transportation market participant. Because of that we understand how important is to prepare carriages for loading on time in order to provide impeccable freight services. After the decrease in the number of carriages in the depot of the national railway company, it became harder to provide carriages for every client.

If carriages are not prepared for transportation on time, the whole logistics chain is affected: the delivery falls behind schedule and the expenses for transportation rise. As a result of this, most customers use the services of private companies that offer company-owned carriages for deliveries.

Railana has a lot of experience of providing freight transportation by rail and owns 400 carriages of various classes that reach technical standards and constantly maintained. We offer flexible transportation conditions and appealing prices for our clients.

The main advantages of transportation in company-owned carriages provided by Railana:
  The delivery will never be interrupted because the carriages will be ready and loaded on time
  The large capacity of our carriages allows for the loading of a greater amount of cargo and thus significantly decreases the total price of transportation
  Because we use carriages with wider doors compared to standard ones it is easier to load non-standard or oversized cargo and the loader will have more space to manoeuver
  Our carriages also have higher doors compared to standard ones that make it easier to load cargo onto two or three different floors at once as well as making it possible to load the cargo onto the last row beside the doors on the second or third floor
  The good technical condition of the carriages, and the fact that the body is made from metal, reduces the probability of the cargo being damaged
These advantages also have a positive effect on transportation expenses: more cargo can be loaded in such carriages, the transportation prices decreases and the safety of the cargo is ensured. Wider and higher doors simplify the unloading and loading process, which is particularly important when transporting oversized cargo.

Technical data and photos of the carriages can be found by clicking this link.