Cargo transportation by rail

Why should one use railway transport?

It is quite common to hear the opinion expressed that cargo freight transportation via rail is a slow process. However, is this really the case?
Unlike trucks, trains do not get lost in remote locations, do not get their tyres punctured, do not get stuck in traffic jams and do not have to wait in lines to cross national borders. Railway transport is not affected by bad weather and thus can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

  About two to three times heavier loads can be transported in a single carriage than a single lorry, and because of this, it is much more convenient to transport extremely heavy or oversize cargo by rail.

Furthermore, by choosing to transport for freight by rail, clients will save about 30% in costs.  
Cargo transportation by railway

Cargo forwarding by railway involves collaboration between the national railways of various countries (in addition to railway transport companies) and clients. If a client needs to transport cargo via an international route, they  have only to contact us and sign the service contract.
„Railana“ has contracts with most of the transport companies of the CIS, Baltic and Western Europe countries. Thus, our company will take care of obligations including railway transportation taxes and national border customs management for the client.   RAILANA will suggest the optimal route for railway transportation and take care of shipment documentation in order to reduce expenditure on transportation.

We quarantee:
  Operative transportation charge assessment
  Optimal route selection in order to deliver your cargo as fast as possible with the lowest possible expenditure
  Payment of transportation taxes
  Consultation regarding various questions related to cargo freight
  Cargo insurance
  Possibility to transport oversized and dangerous cargo
Carriage tracking system

Every carriage is routed according to the railway administration plan and every carriage has its own code number, and so it is possible to find out the location of any carriage at any time.