Briefly about us

UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) is one of the leaders in Lithuania’s transport and logistics market. The highly-qualified specialists who work for our company develop railway logistics strategies and can accomplish even the most difficult projects.

Since its launch UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) has gathered a lot of experience in the field of railway and intermodal freight organisation. Thus the company guarantees excellent client care and a comprehensive package of services.

Moreover, UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) has its own carriage depot. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, we offer company-owned carriages to clients. The wide range of carriage classes allows us to concentrate on every client’s needs and qualitatively provide our services as well as steadily carry out planned transportations.

Company services:
  transportation of freight by rail in company-owned carriages;
  transportation of cargo by rail in general depot carriages;
  intermodal freight;
  the organisation of cargo insurance;
  oversize and high-tonnage (excess weight) cargo freight organisation;
  routine and planned carriage maintenance;
  general services related to cargo transportation.

UAB „RAILANA“ carriage depot:
  covered carriage for low-tonnage cargo 250 m3 (8T712, 11-9733) CMGV;
  covered carriage 158 m3 (11-1807-01);
  covered carriage 150 m3 (11-7038);
  covered carriage 138 m3 (11-280);
  covered carriage type 918 136 m3 (16-380-03, 16-3000-03);
  specialised half-carriage (wood chip carriage) 180 m3 (23-4000-01).